• New functional drink with grape seed extract.


With an OPCBIT (120 mg liquid OPC bio)


  • Strengthens your immune system - delivers more oxygen





100% organic





low amount of sugar


without preservative

  • OPC builds up collagen and elastin and promotes blood circulation in the capillary vessels!



The taste

  • elderberry-cinnamon

  • elderberry-cinnamon


The acidity regulator:

  • Balsamic vinegar organic


The active ingredient





OPCBIT regulates the quality and quantity of OPC revenue.


must be made from red organic grape seeds

must contain 120 mg OPC

must be measured by NP-HPLC analysis

must refer to the following catechins: Dimers, trimers, tetramers, pentamers and hexamers.

We have developed and established this standard and we guarantee it!




capillary vessels

OPC cleans the capillary vessels, keeps them elastic and promotes oxygen transport.




OPC crosses the blood-brain barrier

OPC can pass the blood-brain barrier and protects the brain cells from oxidation due to its high anitoxidative power.






Collagen and elastin build-up


OPC rebuilds the skin proteins collagen and elastin.
Makes the skin elastic, gives the hair volume, reduces hair loss.




Get our CELTS-BERRY "opcbit" functional drink and feel it!

CELTS-BERRY opcbit functional drink with pure spring water from the Alps!